Absinthe 2.0.2 Adds Support For New Build (9B208) Of iOS 5.1.1 For iPhone 4 GSM

Absinthe 2.0.2 Released, Brings Support For GSM iPhone 4 On iOS 5.1.1 9B208 IPSW

Many of them used the latest update of Absinthe to achieve the untether jailbreak and provided the new iPad (3rd-gen) with the taste of freedom, pushed by the legandary hackers and developers of this time and all time with the joyuous reaction is most certainly justified though.

Absinthe 2.0.2 Adds Support For New Build (9B208) Of iOS 5.1.1 For iPhone 4 GSM

You have to thank the great collaborative work done by the Greenpois0n team, Pod2g, and the rest of the dream team, this tool offers users of most current devices an untethered jailbreak on the latest firmware version – iOS 5.1.1. Now with the version of 2.0.2 the Chronic Dev Team has rolled out an update for those who upgraded iPhone 4 GSM with iOS 5.1.1 build 9B208 can now perform jailbreak devices using Absinthe 2.0.2.

Chronic Dev Team just released an update to Absinthe, bringing the jailbreak utility to version 2.0.2

Absinthe is the one only JB exploit made its first step in January to jailbreak the iPhone 4S untethered and becomes as a smoothest jailbreak hithero. Having also used the 5.0.1 version of an iPad 2 and the 5.1.1 iteration an iPhone 4S. i0n1c was testing the iPad 3 jailbreak since its launch, but pod2g has made it possible enough and released most awaiting jailbreak tool.

That’s not it! For your best, we have already stated to make sure backup your iOS 5.1.1 blobs – It’s that important. Example: If you accidentally or fairly update the new version iOS firmware seeded by Apple which strewn with bugs, you can simply and easily downgrade to the fully-jailbroken, reliable release that is iOS 5.1.1 or earlier 5.0.1.

Absinthe 2.0.2 released to jailbreak iPhone 4 GSM 5.1.1 build 9B208

There’s nothing new in 2.0.2 besides support for the iPhone 4 GSM iOS 5.1.1 firmware update (build 9B208) that Apple recently released. Absinthe is compatible with the most recent iOS devices running 5.1.1, including the new iPad (iPad 3), the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the iPhone 4, and iPod touch 4rt/3rd generations and the iPhone 3GS.

Download Absinthe 2.0.2 (Windows)
Download Absinthe 2.0.2 (Mac)