7.85″ Sized iPad To Be Called iPad Mini “Confirmed”, iPod Nano To Get Wi-Fi Support [REPORT]

According to the recent reports the smaller sized Apple’s tablet would be named the iPad Mini will definitely receive the “mini” moniker, whereas the iPod nano will be treated to some WiFi connectivity – allowing users to connect to the cloud in order to access music, all came through the Japanese Apple blog Macotakara about the smaller iPad.

Though we’ve seen package of handful leaked front panels that reportedly belong to the next-gen iPod touch, information regarding the mp3 player has been extremely scarce as of late. Here are some images that said and believed the cases of the purported new iPad touch, surfaced on the internet web.

According to the previous report from Japanese blog Macotakara pointed to a similar mystery hole on the rear of the iPod touch, which is believed to be either a rear microphone, or a new speaker. The cases could also give away possible details as to the spec of the 5th generation iPod touch 5.

While the blogosphere has, since day one, referred to the purported 7.85-inch iPad as the iPad mini, but been hesitant on confirming whether this is the particular reference Apple will choose upon launching it. The device is expected to arrive in October – around a month after the next-gen iPhone is unleashed.

Continuing with Macotakara report, the iPod nano, runs on software reflective of iOS, will also be getting some kind of Wi-Fi support. The Apple’s design ill utilize its watch-sized device to direct more consumers towards the iTunes Stores. iPod Nano users with WiFi connection will be able to re-download past music, movies or TV shows onto their small device whenever they’re connected to wireless hotspot.

With regards to the nano, the Wi-Fi claims could well be true, and it seems only natural that, after grooming the device by offering an iOS-like feel to the current generation, Apple would step up the connectivity stakes once more. This is a ggod though to connect additional devices to the cloud. Apple seems to be getting things running smoothly with iCloud and associated services.

Apple will be holding two separate media events in the next two months. We expect to see these new iPods appear in the second, October-based event, alongside the new iPad Mini.