128GB iPad 4 Now On Sale Today!

Apple has added its 128GB iPad to its Store and need for it has divided opinions, especially considering it has introduced mid-scheduled, but the latest Apple slate is now available for pre-order officially through the Apple Online Store and physical retail outlets.

For those who are eager getting excited about the introduction of a new iPad 4, be worth re-iterating the fact that this latest launch doesn’t bring any new functionality or easthetic changes to the lineup. But with a significant bump in flash storage that will put it beside the Microsoft Surface Pro in terms of internal storage capacity when it is launched. Apple is classing the iPad as an extention to the existing fourth-generation lineup.


Implied purchasers who are interested on getting their hands on the latest iPad will need to pay large portion of their budget-earned cash in order to reap the increased storage rewards, Pricing for the 128GB iPad variant starts at $799, a sum of money that will get you a WiFi only model. Potential buyers who require some on the move cellular data connectivity can opt for the Wi-Fi Cellular model for a big $929 bucks.


As expected the new 128GB iPad model is available in both black and white, while United States based customers will have the option of allowing AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless to handle their data needs with a month-to-month data subscription, with the official Apple Online Store showing as gettings orders for all models with a 1-3 business day delivery time currently when written.


Well the comparison between the iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro is inevitable, which is expected to launch within the next few days, the timing of the release can be considered as anything but confidential. In my thought, it shouldn’t really be concerned about the threat that the Surface Pro could potentially provide to Apple’s tablet market share as the two slates of hardware are entirely different. It’s clarified that the Cupertino company is making an attempt at hanging onto slate users who really want a device with much larger storage capacity.